Praxis Session

Performance Studies International Conference #19

Stanford University

June 26-30, 2013


We invite embodied demonstrations to answer the famous question: What can a body do? Maximum duration is ten minutes. There is no minimum duration. Demonstrations may involve a single body or multiple bodies. Some possibilities that spring to mind:

• martial arts

• folk songs or showtunes

• dance improvisations

• demonstrations of athletic prowess

• monologues or performance art

• displays of virtuosity or limitation or exposure or grace or failure

• something only you can do with your tongue, elbow, spine, etc.

• something tender

• something weird

Our goal is to create a space in which a wide range of bodily capacities is demonstrated. Each may be impressive, exhausting, thoughtful, messy, beautiful, profound, or just plain silly. A wide range of tones and qualities is desirable. This is a chance to present another side of yourself, along with whatever else you do at the conference.

Props and accessories are welcome, but there is no technical support, so please bring your own tech. Participants will have their titles listed on a special commemorative bookmark.

Mini-proposals with the following information should be sent to <>:

1) Title in the form: “A body can ______________” 

2) Description of what you will do (100 words is enough)

3) Duration (up to ten minutes)

4) Contact information

Please submit a mini-proposal by NOVEMBER 15, 2012. We would like to have a few participants signed on before the conference proposal deadline. Proposals submitted by November 15th are guaranteed inclusion if the session is accepted to the conference.

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