LEIMAYblog // Reflection on the New Museum Experience by LEIMAY guest Michael Ring

Here are some of my reflections across the two days of the open rehearsals:

There is an enormous difference that is VISABLE in thought and practice, "not thinking" is not unorganized, it is changed and directional but typically begins with an idea of play.

A color body in opposite color space is infecting, a body morphing from the inside or being pressed all around. The color and it's space are influenced by one another. Does yellow move freely through orange but is oppressed by green?

The balance of an egg is letting the egg do what it wants to do, how it needs to balance instead of how we want it to balance. The same should be for you - don't expect balance in a certain way/feel - let you balance how you need to balance not how you want it to be.

To think of honey when the body is electric, to think of electricity when the body is honey. Moments of clarity in fast vs slowness as they infect one another.

Slow walk is feeling like air, not you in slow motion but as if a particle of dust caught in the sun. Keeping a straight body and spine to move in a way that requires the least amount of effort; think of Suzuki.

Strings! Feeling the connection between minds and bodies thinking and moving as if breathing with the same lungs and beating with the sme heart.

Nakedness as a gift not a taboo, the striking juxtaposition of nakedness with cloth. Just a tshirt on is more shocking than the whole body: the influence of societal puritanism mixed with natural form.

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