PERCEPTIONS // The comparison between a work from the 1960s by Imi Knoebel and one from the 2010s by Nasar Tur

Both works scream at me the culture of excess and ignorance to nature, both are colorblind and desensitized: using the loudest available medium at hand, progressing from quieter scream of the 60's to over the edge scream of 2013 -- did 60's ruined our aural receptors to the level that requires even larger waves to penetrate insensibility? Color is both particle and a wave and can be easily translated into sound, and if I treat both these artworks as a musical notation, it maps to corresponding technologies of their time -- tape and mp3. Both artists don't give a shit about nature of color itself, especially wall painter -- such a waste of materials from my painter's point of view. 60's artwork still tries to fit into a shape, aiming to be avant-guardish, and second one confirms to 'oversized me', and tries to sell the video, because it's kind of hard to sell the wall itself, if you are not Michelangelo...

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