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PERCEPTIONS // Used Tea bag

That little used tea bag hanging..., a product of consumer capitalism..., has traveled more then i did..., it's a herbal tea consisting of 7 medicinal and culinary herbs... -- Shakespeare's Ofelia: language of flowers speaking to the deaf...

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PROCESS // The Future Is...?

This is a story of one restoration project, created by the group of dedicated knitters and their pets, freely available for download and share via Ravelry, a popular knitting community site.
Here is a link to the Ravelry Heirloom Knitting Forum as well as PDF pattern and project…

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PROCESS // Exhibition Proposal: The Globe Shrinks for Those Who Own It

This is virtual show reenacted indefinitely but limited to 3 weeks chunks of time each piece.
This show is an open source software framework that has an open source API to allow interested parties to develop plugins or robots to integrate with gaming consoles and other apparatuses of choice.
When user installs that piece of software, their virtual reality gets altered with random interruptions of characters from different pieces of Fine Art history.

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