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LEIMAYblog: Following a Lead

I love a good detective story. I love them the most when the detective has no idea what the case is, exactly, or how to proceed. A lot of 'em start from this point, and then become boring as things begin to make sense. I want to be watching someone, knowing that the person's actions may be deadly important, but without a notion as to what it is that the person is up…


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LEIMAYblog: Hock Trill responds to Savina Theodorou

Ok, so this one's a collaboration: I made the mistake of suggesting to fellow LEIMAYer Savina that we sort of work together this month, asking her to supply a question to which I'd respond in writing. She agreed, and offered this: "Do you think that the piece we are working on will be a good one? Do you believe in it?" My blood ran cold. But here goes:

This question…


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LEIMAYblog // Considering Yokes by LEIMAY member Andy Braddock

In his workshop, Maximilian Balduzzi said something about giving oneself over to the Time in the Space. Something about how it had been a long, hard-fought battle to get to the point where he was able to accept the fact that, facing a rehearsal time, he would be in the Space for the next six hours. Being able to say, "Ok, I'm not gonna think about what…


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PERCEPTIONS // Garbage World 5 (lite)

José Hernandez (above) and Sofia Moreno (below). Photos by Tyler Kline

Ok so this is GARBAGE WORLD 5 (lite)! The advert gives a good sense of some of GW's past themes: there sits, among neon confetti, a hoagie full of processed meat and cheese, partially wrapped in tin foil. I attended Garbage World 2 or maybe 3 in Chicago, where the thing was born…


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LEIMAYblog // Comments on Kota by LEIMAY member Andrew

I was really excited about Kota's footwork-shapeshifting exercise. For a past performance, I worked in a similar way, but doing it in the context of the workshop clarified some things for me. I had been exploring what I thought of as popping and locking with characters, listening to a lot of hip-hop and trying to combine the dancing style with the aliases, reoccurring slang, and collage of samples and breakbeats of the songs. In the same way that a b-boy/girl's arm comes out of nowhere and…


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LEIMAYblog // Reflections on Becoming by LEIMAY member Andrew

To accept the notion of "becoming" as central involves both a tearing down and a freeing up to build. On the one hand, we have to watch certain notions that we like very much, formerly steady and eternal, sink and crumble into steaming, swirling murk. Some of these are pretty important navigational maps.

But then so on the other hand, as those maps disappear, the world behind them eventually (after some blind scrabbling around) starts to come into focus on its own terms.…


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