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PERCEPTION and INTERVIEW // Carly Ptak's Idea Machine

photo by Samuel Huber

Faraday Cages.

Always a game of disruption and calm.  Some examples of Faraday Cages: (intentional or not)

A microwave oven

An elevator

A "booster bag" --the one crafty shoplifters use to boost items without them getting detected by the…


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above: photo of the central room of the installation, bubble gum on display, photo by Ayumi Sakamoto

Funny this relationship between exhaustion and bliss.  Catharsis and ecstasy.  They both have their short runs, short run sentiments, short run utopias.  Yet there is always the climactic…


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ESSAY // On The Road with LEIMAY

Above: Our poster in front of the museum, photo of LEIMAY's Floating Point Waves

'been flirting with distant futures and long shores along the city's periphery.  What could have been and what is now.  And scores of grime fighting for a place in my stomach, on the back of my broken neck, my broken face…


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ACTS ONLINE // Live stream of PE2O, Alex Franz Zehetbauer

Join us this Friday night for some live performance on the 'net!  

Alex Franz Zehetbauer, LEIMAY-CAVE artist-in-residence, will premiere his new work, PE2O!



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ESSAY // Flirting with the Judson Church, PS1 Dance Panels, and the FUTURE

Trajal Harell at NYLA, photo by Ian Douglas
“Conceptual dance is ova’!
Conceptual dance is ova’!”

After thirty minutes of boredom watching Trajal Harrell’s Judson Church is Ringing in Harlem…(M2M), M2M standing for Made-to-Measure, Harrell’s adapted size for…

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INTERVIEW // Words on moves from Pina's dancers


BAM's blog conducted a twitter conversation with three (Eddie Martinez, Fernando Suels Mendoza, and Thusnelda Mercy) of the members of the Pina Bausch dance company regarding themes of haunting emotion, connections with Pina's spirit, and proper hair care in a hair obsessed crew. At once frustrating in its shortness and illuminating in…


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ESSAY // On Activation

Annabelle Piery and Yoann Rollo, Photo by Raul Zbengheci

 “Too long, too much time staring at glowing rectangles, faces dissolve into each other and the city eats itself, fucks itself into oblivion.  Sitting in a chair with an…


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PERCEPTION // Findlay/Sandsmark // fractured bones/let's get lost

Probably the first thing one would notice walking into findlay//sansmark's new piece would be the row of programmers lined up in front of the stage, wearing costumes and foil hats.  Or perhaps it was the small tower of aged computer monitors playing loops of the set's design.  Either way, the…


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PERCEPTION // Esther Kläs at MoMA PS1

One’s typical reading and research on Esther Kläs would lead to a discussion over self-generated sculptural work, the fluidity of her creative process, and an overarching sense that Kläs was born to be a sculptor.  This visit inside of the artist’s work will not aim to discuss the merits of her sculptural process.  Stepping…


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INTERVIEW // Time Traveling with Thunder Horse Video


Time traveling has long been reserved for characters in disjointed films or conceptual beings that have the ability to revisit past and future events as if they were a…


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