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ESSAY // Branded Landscape

 The New York City Subway System


The urban landscape can be perceived as being defined by coded advertising. On a daily basis, we are constantly ingesting and regurgitating code. We speak to one another in mutually comprehensible phrases that are imbued with meaning. Mobile phones provide us with data which is…


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PERCEPTION // Mapping the Void // VESSEL

Hands to floor, feet to wall, legs astride two others.  I ascended the stairs to reach The Alchemical, a performance, screening, and rehearsal theater bordering the West Village and Chelsea, and was greeted with a soft and familiar floral scent; incense alight.  Upon entering, I stepped into a white staging space without borders, save for the four walls of the room.  It was the…


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ESSAY// Kinetics Movement Arts and e+i Studio

It began with instant attraction.  Dancer and choreographer Yana Schnitzler had worn a bracelet with a magnetic clasp when dining at a restaurant.  While reaching towards the table, a fork became attached to her bracelet, dangling from her wrist.  That event provided inspiration for her to explore the effects of magnetism on the human body and,…


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PERCEPTION: A Guide to Kinship and Maybe Magic // Isabel Lewis/Lewis Forever

In A Guide to Kinship and and Maybe Magic, boundaries between blood sisters are explored in silent film.  A group of women, Sarah, Isabel, and Ligia Lewis – three of the four siblings Lewis – occupy a multi level home with an outdoor patio. …


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