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PROCESS // Ideas on Trained Dancers in Experimental Dance

photo by Janelle Jones 2012

I’ve been seeing a lot of emphasis in using untrained dancers for quite some time, and although I’m still very interested in others’ work that pursues that, in my work I’m primarily interested in…


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PROCESS + VIDEO //Minimum Movement Catalog / 小川水素用語集 / DATABASE 1


This is a data base for movements in my choreography. I’ve been interested in the process of making choreography. I wanted to know how many movements I’ve created so far, and to classify these movements in categories to develop an ease and efficiency in developing my work. To exhibit my movements will also help me to know…


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INTERVIEW // Words on moves from Pina's dancers


BAM's blog conducted a twitter conversation with three (Eddie Martinez, Fernando Suels Mendoza, and Thusnelda Mercy) of the members of the Pina Bausch dance company regarding themes of haunting emotion, connections with Pina's spirit, and proper hair care in a hair obsessed crew. At once frustrating in its shortness and illuminating in…


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LEIMAYblog: And not a moment too soon: reflections on the future body @ the new museum By: Sam Pinkleton

 5 things i remember:


ximena, breathing

everyone falling in love with that

important pink sneakers

chairs, facing each other

here's what i loved:

(apologies if i am projecting)

none of us had any idea how to answer the fucking question 

and then, almost alchemically:

everyone answered the question (perfectly)

being in a room of other dance and performance artists (a rare…


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LEIMAYblog // Response to New Museum and Future Body by LEIMAY guest Yara Travieso

The event at New Museum and the questioned posed by Leimay: "What is the Future Body?" were opportunities to dig deeper within ourselves and our community.  

Most speakers and presenters referenced the future body inside the framework of past ideas of not yet realized concepts.  When asked a question about the future, we only have the past as a source to inform our answer.  Thus, I am left wondering how would the same question be answered to a similar group in the…


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Sin City (song)

This old town's

filled with sin

and it'll swallow you in

if you've got

some money to burn

take it home

right away

you've got three years to pay

but satan

is waiting his turn

this old earthquake's gonna leave me in the poorhouse

it feels like this whole town's insane

on the 31st floor

a gold-plated door

won't keep out the Lord's burning rain

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LEIMAYblog // Thoughts from Wednesday by LEIMAY guest Ian Wen

* viewing the room trying to balance atop wood blocks, it appeared so extra-ordinary.  context can make anything performative

* i thought of how much balance is requried just to stand up, a series of minute adjustments that keep us vertical.  moving is a result of losing balance.  but then to balance an egg on the floor, it achieves zero point.  do we have a zero point?  eat like a baby, balance like a baby (egg) - how did we get so far away from this?

* i found myself equating…


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LEIMAYblog: Thursday at New Museum by Zavé Martohardjono

The second day at the New Museum felt really productive. It was good to have more time the second time to explore and also the basic foundations of the previous afternoon. I definitely felt the sense of potential that we'd been talking about as "neutral body," that energetic potential. At the end of the night, despite some soreness and tiredness, my body felt really primed. Ready for anything.

Things that stuck out the most to me were the walking meditation, jumping in a line,…


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LEIMAYblog // Thoughts and Reactions to Leimay at The New Museum by LEIMAY guest Tara Fenmore

In many ways I feel that all of our studies at The New Museum transcended the pedestrian.  For me,  the state of being aware of the body - by that, I mean, the temporary shift of awareness (an energy shift) from the brain to body - is NOT a pedestrian act.  It is the antithesis of pedestrian.  I agree with Shige: "The pedestrian body is a thinking body."  

Throughout my experience as a participant, I was engaged in the process of shifting awareness (or energy) from my brain…


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LEIMAYblog // Reflections on the New Museum by LEIMAY guests Elke and Kira

Elke & Kira:

We appreciated the openness of the situation; showing work where you are and where you are in your life. Sharing an experience, not just sharing something outside of yourself.

In this discussion, we want to see more of what artists do in rehearsal, connecting ideas about a future body and your rehearsal processes. How is a future body envisioned and rehearsed?

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LEIMAYblog: THE ARTISTS ARE PRESENT by Maximilian Balduzzi

The body of the future is a present body.

A new relationship validates the impulses and immediacies revealing the vulnerability and intimacy of our physical reality.


The performance is the presence of the artists.

The performance is the artists’ presence.


The artists present the performance:

October 23rd, performers meet for the first time as human beings

October 25th, first email followed by first…


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LEIMAYblog // Reflection on the New Museum Experience by LEIMAY guest Michael Ring

Here are some of my reflections across the two days of the open rehearsals:

There is an enormous difference that is VISABLE in thought and practice, "not thinking" is not unorganized, it is changed and directional but typically begins with an idea of play.

A color body in opposite color space is infecting, a body morphing from the inside or being pressed all around. The color and it's space are influenced by one another. Does yellow move freely through orange but is…


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LEIMAYblog // Reflections on the New Museum Residency by LEIMAY member Eija Ranta


balancing an egg

the moment just before finding the balance, as if the eggs texture changes into solid,

angled, sharp.

first i did think it's impossible, but as i saw more and more eggs standing on the floor by them selves, i started to believe in what i was trying to make happen. still it remained difficult, i kept telling myself "it's possible", "this is easy". looking at the other eggs i saw they were not always standing upright. some were…


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LEIMAYblog: New Museum Notes and Reflections, or Los huevos luminosos by Jeremy Goren

To begin, I cannot say I have any real answers to our central questions. This has led me, really, to more questions. I think for me the central question became one that I posed before we began at the museum and that I found manifest in my experience over our several days working there: What happens if we say 'human being' instead of 'body'? (A caveat is how does the terminology of a field clarify and restrict its possibilities?) I found this manifest during our work primarily, I think,…


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LEIMAYblog // Things have been LEIMAY guest Simon Courchel

The present, the next present...and the next present/In the future I will/Let's bring back the zombies/

be able to be invisible/Zombies or robots?/The future will become more detailled/repetition to acceed new possibilities with the body/Objects are extension of your body/less room for chaos/more control/

chaos vs clarity/I don t know if I am makig sense/I'am having a converstion using my body with your brain which I don t control and understand/Oh God! it's alive!/Ready?

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LEIMAYblog // Reflections on New Museum - Day Three- by LEIMAY guest Jose Rivera, Jr.

What a rewarding day.  Being gifted time to work on energy and see the effect of energy on movement in the body really was incredible.  Many, many thanks to Ximena, Shige, Tamira, and Raul for all of their hardwork.

The Egg + Balance

           What.  I couldn't balance it without first finding my own balance.  At…


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LEIMAYblog // Reflections on 11/28 at New Museum by LEIMAY guest Zavé Martohardjono


When the egg finally stood, it was a magical feeling. As if lightness had suddenly lifted all its weight upwards into the sky. I had been holding it with such gentle guidance for so long, wondering what tiny molecular balance it would take to reach equilibrium, and finally I pulled my fingers away as quickly as possible when it happened. I felt the watery weight catch gravity on every side of its shell.

On the wooden block, it was first a process of lifting, just…


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ESSAY // The Embodied Shame Pole

Alex Franz Zehetbauer, photo by Ismael Cruz.




I have found that I am unsatisfied with my artistic endeavors when they are not relevant to…


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LEIMAYblog // Thoughts on the future body by LEIMAY guest Rachel Cohen

I was impressed by the multiple approaches the artists took to the question Ximena posed Wednesday. I was speaking with a friend who observed some of the afternoon, choreographer Elke Rindfleisch, and we marveled at how broad a topic this could be (as was reflected in my convoluted rambling presenting my thoughts!).


I’ll attempt here to lay some of those thoughts out more clearly. Although, one of the changes I see for the future body is potentially greater acceptance of…


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LEIMAYblog // Thoughts on the pedestrian and neutrality by LEIMAY guest Tara Fenamore

What is pedestrian?  “Pedestrian” is a societal construct.  It is human action and behavior as sifted through a societal sieve.  These become evolutionary habits and norms – all conceived through the development and advancement of civilization.  Each socialized human body is a civilization.  We are born animals.  Our bodies, souls, temperaments are sifted through the societal sieve.  All excess sensation and awareness – unnecessary for survival in “civilized” society – falls away.  We are…


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