Meeting Minutes March 13th, 2014

Notes for the Seed Group from our meeting on March 13th, 2014


1)   SCHEDULING: What is the best day for people to meet? Monday or Thursday at 7pm are the times that Bob is offering us to use the church? If there is a big split between who is available when, can we alternate days that we meet (ie one week meet Monday, next week meet Thursdays), or can Ximena offer us some time at CAVE one day of the week to supplement?

-Please respond to the doodle I have sent you. If you do not respond to the doodle then we will not be able to count your vote! And it might end up we have to schedule meetings on a day you are busy. So, please, it is very important that you respond to the doodle. Here is the link to participate in the doodle. 


2)   Exchanging the songs. Some beautiful souls have already been sharing via email and conectom the lyrics to the songs we have been singing. It would be good to find a way (I think Jeremy and others had suggestions about this) to share recordings of the songs so we can listen to them. Maybe one part of an upcoming meeting will be to work on the technical aspect, as in going slowly through the words and melodies of the songs so we are all on the same page?

3)   Next meetings: they are posted here in conectom. Thursday March 20th and the following Thursday March 27th at 7pm at the West Park Presbyterian Church. If anyone is unable to make these meetings, please say so here, and we will figure out a way to include you in what is going on.

4)   Communication with the Open Program. It was mentioned last week that it will be good to stay in regular communication with the Open Program as we go along. Jeremy has been good about being in touch with Lloyd and Mario, but maybe we can talk about this a bit more, if there is one point-person who keeps them updated about what we are doing and sharing our questions with them, or do we plan do skype them as a group one day, or is that too crazy?

5)  Use of the space. We spoke briefly about the relationship with the church, and are wondering exactly what kind of activities we are allowed to be practicing in the gymnasium space. Since Bob is particularly interested in investing in the Open Choir, then we must be working towards that somehow. But can we also use the space for experimenting with individual ideas within the Seed Group, or practicing some physical training (as these things are all practices which will help to build the strength of the group so that we can be prepared to host the Open Choir Sessions). This was a question mark. Anything else you want to mention about this Jeremy?


If you were at the meetings last Friday or this past Thursday and have more notes you would like to share, any experience you had in the singing sessions, ideas you have had, feel free to express them here. It is good when we can all meet, but as we are crazy busy New Yorkers, I think this will be the best way to keep conversations centralized between meetings.





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Comment by LEIMAY on April 13, 2014 at 10:04pm

Thanks Georgia for all this.

1) Yes LEIMAY can offer time  to the Seed Group to work weekly. But our coming up Mondays are already pretty booked. There is time April 21 and couple Mondays in May. We will be able to offer some studio time in a regular basis from July 1st. Or LEIMAY could potentially support some individual projects with some specific amount of hours of studio time. We can talk about this, depending of the needs and our capacity. 

2) I started this discussion: so that people can share any info they might have about the songs. 

3) I will try my best to be at the upcoming meetings. This season is a bit hectic for me but I am  trying to keep on the loop via conectom or unofficial meetings with other members.

4) I created another discussion page: here people can start sharing questions they might have. Think about it as a box for collection question. Then later as a group we can determinate the best way to converse with the Open Group in regards to the questions.

5. As far as I understand Bob needs more community in his space. The Open Choir offers to his church an opportunity to bring in people who is interested in some genuine contact. Personally I am not interested in any kind of religion or label spiritual practice. However I think Bob is truly thinking about community and I am happy to contribute to it. Wether the space can be use for close meetings related to the Open Choir (e.g. physical training, technical work sessions, meetings,etc.) or not is a big question and it will be great to know Bob's and the church position. If the space usage is limited it is understandable and I think we can still contribute to the church through the Open Choir and if need it can procure extra spaces for the training and individual inquires.

Ok, thats's my share of the day!

Greetings to all,


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