Below you can paste any comment in regards to your attendance to the Seed Group meetings. 

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Hi group,

I hope all is well.  I've been in bed since our last seed group with a bacterial infection that just won't give up.  I thought tonight was going to be my comeback but I've just woken up and still can't swallow or get the ringing out of my ears.  I think I'll try more liquids and a shower, but I'm not confident that I can rally before 7. 

Love you guys and see you soon,


Sorry to read this Melay, sounds intense. I hope you can relax into it for now, and get out of it asap.

For my part, I'll have to miss today's meeting as well. I'm in my home country right now, and just got out of the us embassy with my visa to come back approved..! Thus I'll be there next Monday, fresh, clear and finally ready to embark on this Seed Group journey.

See you then-

Glad your visa is approved! Congratulations!


Melay, I hope you are feeing better. Ximena.


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