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Tell us what you thought of the performances, workshops, and activities.

This is your portal to connect with other audience members and artists!

Leave us with some words, some images, anything that came to your mind as 

you were experiencing SOAK.

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The performance was fantastic, and the choreography was sensual and pleasing. Being an amateur photographer, my passion is to capture images. I would loved to be able to capture candid images of the dancers in its natural lighting environment. So the only image I am able to contribute is the name plate of the front door. Nevertheless it was a pleasant experience. I appreciated very much for the charming Ximena who took time to chat with me, and also for Raul's graciousness in serving us red wine.


I saw Moeno Wakamatsu's performance "Study of a Weakened Body". I've seen several of her performances over the years. Moeno does not seek to express stories, emotions, or ideas. She simply creates conditions in which the body becomes a sort of kite in the winds of the universe. It's austere and beautiful.


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