hey there! i am really interested in scenography and i wonder if someone here is/was studying it and can recommend good places in new york (or other parts of the world) to take some courses or start to study there. maybe there are some places for workshops as well? would also be very happy if some people could talk a little bit about there way after the education... thank you so much! love being here! x

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Scenography. Hm. 

Are you looking for formal education (a certificate/degree) or not so formal?

I personally can't help with specifics as this is not my field, but I can help you look for information- for instance, in a quick search I found this site with a few links:


I can also ask around too if this is really quite important for you.

thank you so much for your answer and sorry for my delay in answering, was a little sick the last days...

yes, i am interested in certificate/degree wise and not so formal, both is good. thank you for the link! and asking around would be great, thank you a lot!

(just turned out, that i will come to ny soon, so happy ;))

Glad to be of some help.

Let us at LEIMAY now when you are coming to NY! Maybe we can help you with a place to stay! :)

Hope you are better.


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