Blue sky greetings to all!

Sitting in an outdoor cafe in Mexico watching the vacationer foot traffic, enveloped by upbeat American pop music, I can't help myself from brightly wishing everyone happy summer and then I remember- think more globally. I should wish the opposite for those of our conectom members in the Southern Hemisphere! 

Happy Winter!  ;D

Well, if you are experiencing monsoons, fires, blizzards or blue skies at the beach, take a moment to enjoy the uniqueness of the moment you are in.

And then share it! Your most mundane experience is bound to be exotic to someone out there! And who doesn't love to live vicariously?

Send out a virtual postcard message to the rest of us here in this discussion thread.


Happy Whatever Season It Is Where Ever you Are!

Wish you were here in sunny Baja!

Hope to hear from you soon-

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Ensenada. Home of El Rey Sol. And. The margarita. 

Season Greetings!


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