A simple request: Can anyone give me a reliable internet source for buying body paint and related items? A European or UK supplier would be preferable, but any site will do.

Thank you :)

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Snazaroo is a distinct possibility :)
If you have some money (or someone else's) deal with a little trial and error.
Just bought some, actually. Hopefully I'm not allegic to it!
Ok. I know you already got it. But Just in case and for the NY people the place is Alcone: http://www.alconeco.com/

Recently somebody ask me for natural white paint with not chemical things... mmm... any leads? I never seen that...?
Thanks. And a correction to my post above: I can spell allergic! :)

Make a good use of Calcium Powder -- mix it with the base solution of bees wax and coconut oil (premixed). I would use dedicated blender for all handmade cosmetics. You can add honey and herb extracts to nourish your skin with that paint. Be creative :)

Most calcium supplements are made out of limestone -- substitute with crushed egg shells or coral or milk based calcium if you feel bad about stoning yourself. It's probably OK for external use however. You can also try some clays for tinting your whites: white clay or bluish, or others.


You can make some using food supplies: think [bees wax + oil (coconut, olive, tea tree, or other) + a bit of honey] = foundation. Add dies: Turmeric for yellows, Hibiscus for reds, Potatoes for tints of blues and, Mica for sparkles, e.t.c. Mix and match.

Never put anything you can't eat on your skin -- it's the largest organ in your body and it practically eats whatever you put on it.

Check this out:



If you don't want to make your own paints:



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