This is a section where we performers can swap health tips and doctor's information for those times when we malfunction or need that edge to improve performance.

If you have any 'insider' information that you are willing to divulge this is the place for it!


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I have been seeing this chiropractor in Williamsburg-

Keller Chiropractic

They don't do anything with an outright 'eastern' approach as they are in the Hasidic neighborhood and they wouldn't want to alienate that group of people, but the environment is.. well, it's fun! I always have a laugh when I go there and that is a first in my books for any sort of doctor's visit. The staff can be a riot!


Sound fun...thank you for posting this Theresa!

Bae Acupuncture/Community Acupuncture Project

Sliding scale fee. 

445 Grand St
(between Keap St & Hooper St) 
BrooklynNY 11211
Neighborhood: Williamsburg - North Side
(201) 600-4473


Check people comments here: a href=">" target="_blank">;

He is at a new address now:

190 N. 10th St. Suite 204, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211


Somebody recommend this place to me. $40 for one hour massage or acupuncture. That is cheap. Se said is really good too!!!!!! will check it soon.

107 Mott St
(between Canal St & Hester St) 
New YorkNY 10013
Neighborhoods: Chinatown, Little Italy
(212) 966-8771
Some people comments here: a href=">" target="_blank">>;

so I asked someone at the place where Im studying Kung Fu what the head teacher suggests for faster recovery from sore muscles n such and she said he only says "TRAIN HARDER", and you know what that night I was really sore from training and then next day I went to class still aching and put all my heart into it and after class all the soreness was much better.  Haha who knew, prolly doesnt apply to everything but it is good body maintenance ))

It is actually good to keep working the muscles, but you also need time to recover. There are ways to ease the pain quicker. Simple application of ice and Arnica work wonders!

Sauna's are also amazing ways to treat yourself after a demanding day.

There are a couple in Williamsburg: 



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